i.MX 6Dual series 汽车电子

32-bit MPU, Dual ARM Cortex-A9 core

1GHz, FCBGA 624



The i.MX 6Dual and i.MX 6Quad automotive and infotainment processors represent Freescale Semiconductor’s latest achievement in integrated multimedia applications processors. These processors are part of a growing family of multimedia-focused products that offer high-performance processing with a high degree of functional integration.

These processors target the needs of the growing automotive infotainment, telematics, HMI, and display-based cluster markets. The i.MX 6Dual/6Quad processors feature the Freescale advanced implementation of the quad ARM® Cortex®-A9 core, which operates at speeds up to 1 GHz.

They include 2D and 3D graphics processors, 3D 1080p video processing, and integrated power management. Each processor provides a 64-bit DDR3/LVDDR3/LPDDR2-1066 memory interface and a number of other interfaces for connecting peripherals, such as WLAN, Bluetooth®, GPS, hard drive, displays, and camera sensors.


制造商 Freescale/NXP
核心处理器 ARM® Cortex®-A9
核数/总线宽度 2 코어,32 位
速度 1.0GHz
协处理器/DSP 多媒体;NEON™ SIMD
显示与接口控制器 小键盘,LCD
以太网 10/100/1000 Mbps(1)
USBUSB 2.0 + PHY(4)
电压 - I/O 1.8V,2.5V,2.8V,3.3V
工作温度-40°C ~ 125°C (TJ)
安全特性ARM TZ,启动安全,密码技术,RTIC,安全保险丝盒,安全 JTAG,安全存储器,安全 RTC,篡改检测


• Automotive navigation and entertainment
• Graphics rendering for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
• High-performance speech processing with large databases
• Audio playback


• Multilevel memory system—The multilevel memory system of each processor is based on the L1
instruction and data caches, L2 cache, and internal and external memory. The processors support
many types of external memory devices, including DDR3, low voltage DDR3, LPDDR2, NOR
Flash, PSRAM, cellular RAM, NAND Flash (MLC and SLC), OneNAND™, and managed
NAND, including eMMC up to rev 4.4/4.41.
• Smart speed technology—The processors have power management throughout the device that
enables the rich suite of multimedia features and peripherals to consume minimum power in both
active and various low power modes. Smart speed technology enables the designer to deliver a
feature-rich product, requiring levels of power far lower than industry expectations.
• Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling—The processors improve the power efficiency of devices
by scaling the voltage and frequency to optimize performance.
• Multimedia powerhouse—The multimedia performance of each processor is enhanced by a
multilevel cache system, Neon® MPE (Media Processor Engine) co-processor, a multi-standard
hardware video codec, 2 autonomous and independent image processing units (IPU), and a
programmable smart DMA (SDMA) controller.
• Powerful graphics acceleration—Each processor provides three independent, integrated graphics
processing units: an OpenGL® ES 2.0 3D graphics accelerator with four shaders (up to 200 MTri/s
and OpenCL support), 2D graphics accelerator, and dedicated OpenVG™ 1.1 accelerator.
• Interface flexibility—Each processor supports connections to a variety of interfaces: LCD
controller for up to four displays (including parallel display, HDMI1.4, MIPI display, and LVDS
display), dual CMOS sensor interface (parallel or through MIPI), high-speed USB on-the-go with
PHY, high-speed USB host with PHY, multiple expansion card ports (high-speed MMC/SDIO host
and other), 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet controller, and a variety of other popular interfaces
(such as UART, I2C, and I2S serial audio, SATA-II, and PCIe-II).
• Automotive environment support—Each processor includes interfaces, such as two CAN ports, an
MLB150/50 port, an ESAI audio interface, and an asynchronous sample rate converter for
multichannel/multisource audio.
• Advanced security—The processors deliver hardware-enabled security features that enable secure
e-commerce, digital rights management (DRM), information encryption, secure boot, and secure
software downloads. The security features are discussed in detail in the i.MX 6Dual/6Quad
security reference manual (IMX6DQ6SDLSRM).
• Integrated power management—The processors integrate linear regulators and internally generate
voltage levels for different domains. This significantly simplifies system power management

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